About us

Home Trade is a company with over 20 years of experience operating in Poland and also in the European Union. We offer a wide range of services, we supply and install air conditioning equipment, we provide ventilation, sanitary installations, central heating installations. Additionally, installation of cable routes and laying of electric cables. Futhermore, we offer comprehensive interior finishing of offices, service premises and projects for individual clients. The scope of services also includes consulting in the selection of appropriate materials and devices.

Many years of experience

Our services are at a high level. We are reliable, punctual and professional. We are ready for any challenges and solutions tailored to individual needs. During our activity, we have completed several hundred projects by performing air conditioning, refrigeration and ventilation installations in various locations throughout Europe. We use devices from world producers. The professionalism of our services is appreciated by customers from all over Europe, including ENGIE AXIMA, TAPE A L'OEIL, ELEC INDUS, IDEX ENERGIES, LIDL, INTERMARCHE, ORSAY, NEW YORKER, GUESS, ADIDAS, BRICE, CAMAIEU, ADIENT.

As part of the service, we provide periodic inspections, maintenance and necessary repairs required by law or warranty requirements. We have logistics facilities and a branch in France, that why we can, if necessary, quickly reach even distant places, providing assistance in the case of failure. In accordance with the requirements, we certify the performance of works by completing and providing the client with relevant documentation of the activities performed.
We have authorization certificates from well-known manufacturers of air conditioning devices. As part of our F-GAZ category 1 qualifications, we are authorized without restrictions to assemble and disassemble all systems containing refrigerants, as well as maintain and repair them. 

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